Gardening Is Not Always Easy

Learning how to garden is something that takes time and skill, for most people. Some, however; seem to have a green thumb from birth. My grandmother was this way, but I do not have this gift. I have tried, failed, and sometimes succeeded over the years to grow things. Recently I have started a garden again, after failing last year.

2014 & the Failing Garden

Last year, I tried growing different plants but did not have the time needed to keep everything growing. Most plants died, but a few survived. I live up to the fact that everything I touch dies. You might wonder why I keep trying. I try because I want to learn and will not let this beat me.


The reasons my plants ultimately died:

  1. I didn’t spend time fertilizing and pruning my plants
  2. I didn’t water enough
  3. I let squirrels get to them

The ground here is also very acidic, which makes it hard to grow things. I added a fresh topsoil and manure mix, but I think it was just too soon to plant using those materials. Ideally, you should spend a year preparing the garden soil before planting when it is all sand and clay.

Goals for 2015

My goals for this year are to have 3-5 different kinds of vegetables or fruit that will start producing food for the household. I also want the front yard to look somewhat decent. I need to start composting and get the backyard set up for large-scale gardening next year.

So far, I have some flowing plants, shrubs, blueberries, strawberries, and some mint planted in my front yard garden area. Some of the mulch in the front is in place but most is not. It is a work in progress that will take some time to implement.

This blog will be a collection of my successes, failures, and all the helpful information I learned along the way.